They measured chest and biceps circumference, height, weight and the strength of the handshake.

They measured chest and biceps circumference, height, weight and the strength of the handshake.


Am I no longer enough for him?

The person you think you know turns out to be completely different. «That is a huge shake of trust», says the psychologist Heike Kaiser-Kehl ( “On the one hand in the partner and on the other in yourself because you didn’t notice it,” says the expert. Many women begin to doubt themselves in this situation: Am I not sexy or attractive? Am I no longer enough for him? Sonja S. was deeply hurt that her husband paid other women for intimacy. “Our love life had become quieter over the years,” she says. «But that he let off steam with prostitutes, of all places, was the worst for me.»


Brothel is associated with disgust

According to a study, the majority of women think like this: Every second woman would in principle be willing to forgive her partner for an affair if he is honest and confesses the slip. Sex with a prostitute is an exception: 88 percent of the women surveyed would not be willing to turn a blind eye in this case. «Brothels are associated with disgust for women,» says Heike Kaiser-Kehl. “They are also afraid of health risks, such as infection with the HI virus.” The financial aspect should not be underestimated either: “Does the man spend the money that should be available to the family for his sexual pleasure? that’s another slap in the face, ”says the psychologist.


Can that be forgiven?

When the truth comes out, it is a shocking moment. «The best thing to do in this case is to contact a neutral person, for example a psychologist,» advises Heike Kaiser-Kehl. Even if it is hard to imagine at first: an affair does not always lead to a separation. “In principle, everything can be forgiven,” says the expert. “But there are often scars left.” Sonja S. also fought for their relationship, tried to understand her partner in long conversations. He confessed to being addicted to sex and even started therapy. “But I couldn’t get the pictures out of my head, I was terribly jealous,” she says today. «And all those nightmares that he was cheating on me again.» A year after she discovered her boyfriend’s double life, she broke up with him.

It’s hard to believe: the man who usually lay in front of the television every evening spends countless hours in the gym. He proudly enjoys his muscles. The only question is who does he want to appear athletic for? For yourself, for you or for his affair.

Women can hear how strong a man is without seeing him. No matter what language he speaks and what culture he comes from – the voice reveals his strength. The depth of the voice is not decisive, as American researchers have found out. Men can also hear this characteristic from the voices of their peers. Women’s voices, on the other hand, are less meaningful with regard to physical strength.


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Voice samples from students and Indians

Aaron Sell and his coworkers at the University of Santa Barbara had collected data from various groups of men that indicated their strength. They measured chest and biceps circumference, height, weight and the strength of the handshake. The test subjects included students from the USA and Romania as well as Indians from the Bolivian highlands and farmers from the Argentine Andes. The researchers had the men speak a set sentence in their mother tongue into a microphone as normally as possible.

Amazing result of the experiment

In Santa Barbara these language patterns were eventually played to male and female students. Their task was to assess the speaker’s strength and possible chances of success in a conflict on a scale from zero to seven. The researchers were astonished by the results: the listeners were often able to assess the strength of the speakers very precisely, regardless of the area from which they came. On the other hand, the listeners were much less able to assess a comparison group of female speakers.

Strong men don’t always have deep voices

Closer investigations showed that a strong bass does not necessarily indicate a strong man. The basic frequency of language hardly seems to play a role. How the hidden clues are transported in the language is still unclear, the researchers write. But the evolutionary advantage is obvious: For socially living species like humans, it makes a lot of sense in view of the competition to be able to assess possible opponents, even if you cannot see them. The study is in the "Proceedings" published by the British Royal Society.

On Friday he had a beer with Jan and on Saturday he was playing football with Bernd. Best friends are often used as alibi. But you also know the guys in your husband’s life and maybe even their girlfriends. Follow up unobtrusively.

Has he got a new perfume and recently shaved his chest hair? Particularly thorough personal hygiene could also be an indication of an affair.

If the wedding rings can no longer be found, you should definitely confide in your partner and look for a good alternative together. That’s the first little problem you face as a new couple. Now it just depends how you deal with it. Borrow a wedding ring from a close relative or friend who is about the same ring size as you. If you cannot make friends with this stopgap solution, it doesn’t matter. Because rings are not a must for a wedding. Replace the ring-swapping ceremony with another gesture that symbolizes marriage: two hands, a blessing with the laying on of hands, wrapping of the hands with a priest stole and of course: a tender kiss!

Even a small dose of hormones makes men as sensitive as women. This was the result of a study by Bonn researchers. The administration of the hormone oxytocin improves the ability of men to empathize emotionally with others, announced the University of Bonn. Researchers from the University and the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK, have published their results in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Myths and Facts About Men

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Men become sensitive like women

48 healthy men took part in the experiment. Half received an oxytocin-containing nasal spray, the other half an ineffective drug (placebo). Then the scientists showed the participants photos of emotionally charged situations, for example a crying child. The men were asked to indicate how much they sympathized with the people depicted. The result: «The oxytocin group reported significantly higher emotional empathy values ​​than the placebo group,» said René Hurlemann from the Clinic for Psychiatry at the University of Bonn. The men in the oxytocin group achieved values ​​that are otherwise typical for women.

hormone "Oxytocin" influences psyche and social behavior

The hormone oxytocin, which is formed in the pituitary gland, is regarded as a bonding or loyalty hormone. The hormone is associated with feelings like love and trust. Among other things, it has a lust-increasing effect and strengthens the mother-child bond, but also triggers labor pains. Various studies in the past have already shown that it has an impact on the human psyche and social behavior.

The learning success also improves

In a second attempt by the researchers from Bonn and Cambridge, the participants had to complete a simple memory test on the computer. If the answers were correct, a praising face appeared on the screen; if the answers were wrong, a face of reproach. Alternatively, there were green circles for correct and red circles for incorrect answers. "In general, the learning success was higher if the feedback was via faces" said British researcher Keith Kendrick. The oxytocin group reacted even more clearly.

May be used as a drug against schizophrenia

«Our study shows for the first time that emotional empathy is modulated by oxytocin,» said Hurlemann. Possibly, the hormone could therefore be used as a drug for diseases such as schizophrenia. Shop men’s shavers at Shop LCD and plasma televisions at great prices Shop Beautiful gift ideas for HIM and HER

Shave at a 30-degree angle, first with the line and a maximum of three times per area of ​​skin. Tip for beginners: To minimize the risk of injury, you should stick to shaving with the grain for the time being.

Fashion is fun, and so is football – at least if you wear the right outfit. At the «Bridge of Fashion», European designers demonstrated that multiculturalism is not only exciting in the EM stadium but also on the catwalk. From a cropped suit to a Tiffy dress: we show the unusual fashion trends in our photo show.

Multicultural fashion – from sexy to weird
Photo series with 11 pictures

Award-winning fashion

A total of 15 designers presented eleven collections on the beach at the Heringsdorf seaside resort on Usedom. From sporty bikinis to elaborate couture designs, an exciting outfit was shown for every occasion: Models in Indian bathing suits, blazers with elaborate shoulder pads, studded beach dresses and princess-like evening wear walked the catwalk. What unites the designers – from Lithuania, France, Denmark, Poland and Germany, among others – besides their love of fashion? All of them have already won a national or international fashion competition.

Lots of skin and crazy eye-catchers

Sewn-on details such as mini mirrors, feathers, leaves or wooden skewers as hair or hip decorations looked particularly teasing. A piece of skin also tended to peek out – so-called cut-outs on the stomach or waist are still popular, and not just for swimwear.

Art in form and color

The fashion enthusiasts also agreed on colors and shapes: the more colorful and opulent, the better. Whether neon-colored stockings, a bright yellow plush cape or hippie dress with an ethnic pattern: These designs make everyday life more colorful – if you dare to wear them.

Wash off with cold water after shaving. This has a refreshing effect and your skin contracts again. Tip: Use a mild aftershave or balm as a finish. Don’t forget to rinse the shaving brush thoroughly and let it dry sufficiently.

Antiperspirant is more effective than deodorant. And peppermint refreshes inside and out: These are just two tips to keep a cool head and body on hot days. But what many do not know: Sweat is a means of the body to cool down and protect against heat. Actually, one should therefore advise: seek shade and "exercise as little physical activity as possible" says Renate Donath, skin and beauty care expert from Hamburg and member of the Federal Association of German Cosmeticians. But of course that is often not so easy to do in everyday life. Avoid alcohol and cold drinks

A practical tip is: Avoid alcoholic and ice-cold drinks, advises Donath. And Birgit Huber from the Body Care and Detergent Industry Association (IKW) in Frankfurt adds: "It is also advisable to avoid coffee, spicy and high-calorie foods." Mint tea, on the other hand, helps cool the body.